Boss - We think Kyle Lafferty is worth the gamble

The Norwich City striker was signed on the final day of the Emergency Loan window and will be with Blues until 31 May, 2016.

"It was a tough decision as a Club, because do we bring a player like that in and use the funds that we’ve got available?" said Rowett.

"That’s why we’ve waited in terms of loan options as well because we’ve had to build that pot of money up so that we can try and make an impact late on in the season.

"And the decision has been do we still chase what’s still there by bringing another striker in at high cost or do we save it until next season and make us a little bit stronger next season?

"I’ve chosen to gamble because I think we’ve got to do that for the fans and the players.

"Let’s have a go and try and be as ambitious as we can and whatever happens after this point happens."

Rowett admits that goalscoring has been an issue for his side and he is hopeful that the Northern Ireland international can make a difference in the end of season run-in.

He continued: "He’s a player we’ve always liked.

"He’s a little bit of a character as well which is something at this stage of the season you also look for and we think he is someone that can come in and handle all that pressure of being in this situation.

"Of course he hasn’t played that much football but when he has done with Northern Ireland in particular he’s scored goals.

"We’ve not had enough goals from our other players so we need to do what we can.

"He’s got real energy and he’s a willing runner as part of his game which I think is good

"I think he’ll fit into our style and there are obvious options of playing him, as a one up front or with someone else

"Obviously there is a direct competition between Kyle and Clayton (Donaldson), which is what you want, but there are also opportunities to play different ways."