Gary Rowett right behind the Club's Stop And Think campaign

Blues fans are known for their passionate backing of the team at away grounds, as you have demonstrated all season with your fantastic travelling support.

It really does make a difference, and on behalf of Gary Rowett and the players we thank you.

Another sell-out following will be watching Blues in the Welsh capital on Saturday and we would ask that you represent the Club in the right way.

On rare occasions this season, there have been a very small minority of fans that have indulged in anti-social behaviour which is having repercussions on the Club.

The main concerns surround excessive drinking of alcohol and the use of pyrotechnics, or flares.

The Club is working closely with police, The FA and the authorities to stamp out serious issues arising from such behaviour.

But we would like to remind our fans, through this campaign we launched at the start of the season, about the problems anti-social behaviour can cause - and the impact on the fellow supporters and the Club itself.

Misconduct or disorder caused by excessive drinking will result in arrest and possible prosecution in the courts. The Club will ban offenders also.

Anyone carrying, lighting or throwing pyrotechnics, including smoke bombs or flares, will be arrested and also subject to possible prosecution in the courts.

The Club has a zero tolerance policy on violence, bad behaviour and pyrotechnics.

So when you go to away games please

STOP and THINK about your behaviour:
* Please drink responsibly
* Do not carry, light or throw smoke bombs or flares.

STOP and THINK about the consequences:
* You could face criminal prosecution
* You will be banned by the Club

Please also remember that smoke bombs and flares are highly dangerous - they can cause serious injury to yourself and others and Birmingham City Football Club could face sanction from the Football Association in the form of a serious financial penalty and be ordered to play matches behind closed doors.

To all true Blues fans, thank you for your magnificent support away from home and please help us in our Stop And Think quest and do not let a small minority ruin it for the rest and besmirch the good name of the Club.