Gianfranco Zola analyses the challenge ahead

I will do my best to make sure that the Club has made the right decision.

Gianfranco Zola
The Italian has promised to work very hard to improve the side and is confident that he can make a success of his return to English football.  

“This is a good club that has ambitions and I believe I can do a good job,” said Zola. “It is good to be back in England in a position that is very challenging and that is what I wanted.

“I know that I am coming in for a coach that has done extremely well and he has my respect, but I will do my best to make sure that the Club has made the right decision.

“It’s very challenging and this job has its risks. But you remember me as a player, I don’t mind risks.”

Zola met five of the Club’s senior players – Paul Robinson, Michael Morrison, Ryan Shotton, Jonathan Spector and Lukas Jutkiewicz – at the Wast Hills training ground today ahead of his first session with the whole squad tomorrow.

The new manager explained: “I tried to put myself in the position of the players. They are probably very surprised, so I reassured them that I am here for them and to give everything I have got inside in terms of experience and knowledge to make them better.

“I have been asked to improve the team, where it is possible to improve, from the good job that has been done so far.

“In my teams, I have always played the players that I thought were the best to perform the way I want. And I have no problems with any of the squad here.”

Zola said that the new owners’ lofty ambitions matched his own high expectations and he is determined to prove that Trillion Trophy Asia Limited have made a good choice.

“It looks to me they have an ambitious plan for this Club, improving the team, improving other things," he said.

"Let’s put it this way, if they didn’t have very good intentions probably they wouldn’t have done what they’ve done.

"They’re taking a risk as well, to change a manager who has done pretty well, to bring in a manager like myself.

"They have good ambitions and, rightly or wrongly, they believe this is a good move to take the Club to another level. In time we will be able to tell if they were right or not.”

He added: "The most important relationship is between the manager and, in this case Panos, and the owners.

"There has to be total collaboration and understanding otherwise there might be problems."