Reaction: Blues 2 Preston 2

Some of those players need to look at what it takes to win games of football.

Gary Rowett
Gary Rowett’s immediate reaction to tonight’s game…
“I’m frustrated, disappointed – they would probably be the calmest words I can use.
“I thought we started really, really well. Diego (Fabbrini) looked so bright in the first 20 minutes – probably as good a 20 minutes as you’re going to see all season.
“And we get ourselves into a 2-0 lead. To be fair to Preston, they were still going, but it looked like the game was won at that point.
“The frustrating bit for me then is we stop doing the things we need to do to win the game.
“We have a centre-half running through into the box, we have a right-back playing like a right winger, we have players playing with a lack of discipline really.
“I’m frustrated and I’ve told them in there, for me that was one of the weakest last 15 minutes I think I’ve seen in a game.
“You’ve got to go and win those games; it’s as simple as that.
“It probably sums up our season since March, where we just need to be a bit tougher, a bit more resolute, a bit more professional and a bit more disciplined.
“To be 2-0 up at home and end up drawing the game 2-2, I can’t tell you some of the words I have used in the dressing room to some of them.”

Gary Rowett on whether anything can be done to coach the sort of drive and determination needed to see out games…
“No, not really. We can put sessions on where the back four are heading the ball out, we can put sessions on where we’re stopping crosses, but ultimately it’s the desire to do that.
“The first goal comes when there are people jogging back into position like it doesn’t really mean anything and they end up scoring.
“For the second goal, we don’t really look like we want to stop the cross – a bit like Saturday – and we don’t get our head on the ball and we don’t clear things and it drops to them.  
“That’s desire, that’s wanting to win.
“I’ve said to the lads in the dressing room that as much as Robbo (Paul Robinson) can be a nuisance in terms of his attitude because he doesn’t like not being in the team, he wants to win and that’s why he’s played in the Premier League for so long.
“Some of those players need to look at what it takes to win games of football.
“You have to go the extra yard, you have to go and hurt yourself and it didn’t look like we wanted to do that in the last 15.”

Gary Rowett on what he can do to change things…
“You can change the players and you can get other players in.
“You can have a shake-up because if that’s the level of performance that people are happy with, and if that’s the sort of mediocre levels that some of the players are quite comfortable with now we’re a top 10 Championship side for the whole season, then I’m not happy with that.
“I won’t have players in the team that are happy with that.
“You can’t have seven or eight out-of-character performances.
“Full credit to Preston, they were strong, they wanted to put the ball in the box, they wanted to test us, but you’ve got to deal with that.”

Gary Rowett on the injury to Maikel Kieftenbeld that saw him withdrawn in the first-half…
“The concern is he might have fractured his eye socket – certainly his eye was completely closed.
“The referee said it was a straight arm. I think it would be difficult to do that damage with a straight arm.
“But I‘ve not seen it again so I’ll be honest with you, I’d be guessing if I said it was more than a yellow card.
“We’ve been a bit unfortunate because Jon Toral pulled his hamstring at the end of training yesterday, so there’s a possibility that might be his season done.
“And for Maikel, I’m pretty sure if it’s broken then that’ll be his season (finished). If not then it’ll be just how quickly he can regain full vision out of that eye, because it’s closed quite badly.”