The Club seems to be making progress with the ownership situation - Gary Rowett

Panos keeps us in the loop as much as possible - and it seems there has been a steady progression.

Gary Rowett
Gary Rowett says he has heard enough to suggest that 'steady progression' is happening regarding the Club's ownership situation.

And the Blues boss is hopeful that will bode well for future investment in the playing side.

"When we first came in everyone told us 'It is carnage at Birmingham, you don't want to go there, it's all up in the air with the ownership,'  said Rowett.

"We came and it was pretty calm, there wasn't any of that problem - but it was 'You have got to work with what you have got to work with'.

"Bit by bit, because of results, the way things are hopefully progressing out there.

"I have not been out there (to Hong Kong) to meet anyone but Panos (Pavlakis, pictured above with Rowett) keeps us in the loop as much as possible - and it seems there has been a steady progression.

"We are in a similar position, in as much as we have still got to do things right financially and we are not in a position where we are going to start blowing our money on lots of players.

"But I think we are starting to hopefully move towards being in a much better position going forward.

"With the help of Trillion Trophy Asia, with the help of the link between Panos and Hong Kong, perhaps with the help of certain people not being part of that ownership any more, I don't know."

Rowett says the increasing backing from supporters, combined with an improvement in results over the last 17 months has also helped the situation.

"Obviously results and crowds coming back have helped that," continued Rowett.

"It's all been a bit of a snowball effect and I would hope that without me giving any timeline on it, as a manager at some point in the future we are in a position where we can really start to compete a little bit more toe-to-toe with some of the teams around us," he continued.

"I certainly think there is an opportunity potentially of doing that.

"I think everything else is in place. That's my opinion, we have got stability in the team, we have had a really even performance over a long timespan, i.e. just around that play-off picture.

"My question is always, how we get to the next step, whether that's now, whether that's in the summer or the summer after that.

"Hopefully we are moving towards being certainly in a better position, which I would assume would lead then to us being a bit more competitive in the market.

"I have got no complaints so far. I think everything we have tried to progress in a small way has been embraced by Hong Kong, so hopefully that will lead to further opportunities."