Gianfranco Zola reacts to Board address

Directors Panos Pavlakis, Edward Zheng and Shayne Wang spoke to players and support staff at a special gathering at Wast Hills before the Wolves game.

And they then went to St. Andrew’s to talk to administrative staff.

They relayed a forthright message from Blues' owners in China that Zola had their unequivocal support and all must come together for the greater good.

Zola credited the Board’s actions, and said it had a ‘big influence’.

"It was very important because it was a tough moment, it still is a tough moment," said the Blues boss.

"Them (the Directors) coming in and talking to the team, talking to me and everybody created a focus and reminded everybody where this Club is going to and it doesn't matter who is going to be there (in charge as manager) the Club is going a certain way and whoever is not going to be in line with that, they have to leave."

"To have that reminded - to all of us - was very important."

Zola believes that the meeting with the players also helped galvanise them ahead of their win at Wolves.

"I think it had a big influence," continued Zola.

"Whether you want it or not, when there are tough moments the tendency of the players is to become a little bit unstable. So, that meeting was important for them and was important for the coaches as well because we are obviously part of the group.

"Also, for all the people around us the message is very strong. It’s not about the personnel it is about the vision of the Club which is going in one direction. 

"And if we want to be part of the Club and the vision of the Club, we need to be better and produce better results.

"The training has never been in question because they always train hard and there is never any doubt about that, but the games are beyond that so you have to be more focused and hungrier. 

"That was something that we showed very well in the last game but once is not enough and we need to do it all the time. starting with tomorrow’s game."

When asked specifically about the Board's vision, Zola explained: "They will do whatever it takes to get the team playing in a certain way, which is their philosophy 

"And then our target is to become a Premier League club. They won’t stop until they achieve that. 

"Whether it’s going to be one two or three years, that’s where we going altogether. 

Pictured above: Directors Panos Pavlakis, Edward Zheng and Football Consultant Ewan Chester at the recent Evening with Gianfranco Zola event held at St. Andrew's.