Harry Redknapp optimistic about Blues potential

Maxime Colin and Jota.

For sure we have the makings of a decent team. I wouldn't say that if I didn't believe it.

Harry Redknapp

Six new signings made their Blues debuts at Norwich City.

And Harry Redknapp is certain that once they have bedded down into this new-look Blues, things will only get better.

Never before have Blues handed out half-a-dozen debuts in-season.

Naturally to expect a side to quickly get to know one another instantly and perform is a tough task.

"You stick them in there and hope it gels," says Redknapp. "Not easy as we've only had a few days with them, you work them the best you can.

"And they were always going to play as you are changing a team that had not been winning, so it's not like you are throwing six players into a team that had been doing fantastic.

"But I am not a fool. I have been around long enough to know I have got some good players here now.

"It's just finding the right balance and I think going forward we will be a good team. For sure we have the makings of a decent team. I wouldn't say that if I didn't believe it. The potential is there to be good."

Analysing the events at Carrow Road more closely, Redknapp makes some pointed observations.

"It's a new start for a lot of them. I've learned a few things about them from Saturday and about people playing with people who they haven't played with before.

"The centre-half Harlee Dean settled in well alongside Michael Morrison.

"Maxime Colin is an outstanding player. He had quite a tough day: he was the one we always looked to get (in) going forward, but he also had his work cut out against a very dangerous left winger, who was probably their best player (Josh Murphy).

"So it was a hard day for him but he is going to be as good a right-back as anyone in this division, for sure.

"Jota, he's a talent, a clever player. He's got good ability and what they (the others) have got to learn is that when he comes inside on that left foot we need runners, he can slide people in and make little passes.

"On Saturday he came inside and we tended to stand rather than have people make runs if you like. He can deliver passes that open teams up, but we have got to learn to play with him.

"Boga, he started the season in Chelsea's first team. Playing in the Championship isn't going to be a problem for him.

"I thought second-half he showed some good signs. He started to do some good things against a right-back who is a very good player as well. He was picking it up, running with it.

"I think there's lots of positives there with these new lads.

"It's a much better team than the team we had last year and it's a team that won't be struggling to stay up this year, that's for sure.

"It's a team I think has got the potential to still be up there. There's only six games gone - there's 40 to go."

Redknapp adds: "You saw a team dominate possession without creating that many chances.

"We played enough football, but we just lacked someone to supply the ammunition in that final third. We couldn't make something happen, do something clever, around the box at the vital time."

Meanwhile, Redknapp confirmed that Blues are taking a look at free agent defender Rolf Feltscher, a Venezuela international, who started training at Wast Hills on Saturday.

"I have got to be honest (Director of Footbll) Jeff Vetere brought him in and he played against Argentina the other night - against Messi - in Argentina, they drew 1-1.

"All the reports on him are very good. He trained on Saturday morning, trained very well apparently.

"He's a free agent, I don't know what the situation is with him, I haven't got involved.

"But if he is a good player and someone wants to bring him in I am quite happy to take him.

"He can play three or four positions. He can play right-back, left-back and centre-half, which is handy. So it could be useful.

"I've not discussed it with the owners, I really haven't. Jeff has done this, it's not one I have picked up on.

"But they tell me he is a very good player so we will have a look at him."