Lee Carsley plans to keep things simple

Lee Carsley at Wast Hills.

Ideally I have got a clear way on how I want to build, how I want to play through, how I want to attack, the defensive strategy, how I want to press.


Blues Caretaker Manager Lee Carsley believes the side need to go into their next game with clear objectives.

And when Blues face Derby County at Pride Park on Saturday, they will not have been overloaded with too much information to divert them from the task in hand.

Carsley was parachuted into the hot seat after the sacking of Harry Redknapp three days ago.

He has thrown himself into the role on the Wast Hills training fields, enlisting the help of Paul Williams and Club Captain Paul Robinson as Coaches, to go alongside Paul Groves.

His mindset is straightforward: “My thoughts are about picking the lads up and getting them back on track as quick as I can, along with the rest of the staff.

“Generally a caretaker manager comes in when things aren’t going great, so it’s not ideal.

“If you could give me six months’ notice I’d be better prepared but I was very much focused on the Under-23s and the England games I have got coming up as well.

“So (it's been a case of) thinking about getting a clear plan, a clear objective for the players.

“I always find in these kind of situations if you make it as basic as you can, clear instructions, then you potentially get back on track quicker, which was the case at Brentford.”

Carsley, who spent a spell as the Bees caretaker in 2015, has made significant inroads in changing the style and ethos of the Under-23s.

“Ideally I have got a clear way on how I want to build, how I want to play through, how I want to attack, the defensive strategy, how I want to press," he told BluesTV.

“But I have got to be mindful – and I spoke to the players about this – I am not going to spew as much information as I can and hope that they catch two or three things. It’s more important for me that it’s clear and simple as can be.

“I have watched a lot of Blues games in the past and I wouldn’t say I’ve sat there and been massively entertained by the style of play and all the rest of it. I have got to find a blend between getting the results, which is obviously what we need, and looking good because I have got a lot of family who are Blues fans and I know a lot of Blues fans and they want to see good football, they want to see the team controlling the game and creating chances. Ultimately that’s what I want to do."

Carsley has studied First Team games this season, often as the only person in the upper tier of the Gil Merrick Stand at St. Andrew's, which affords a very good view.

“I like individually the players who have been brought in and the players who were here, there’s a lot of quality. Sitting them down in our first meeting, you look around the room and it’s a top end Championship squad.

“But, and I've emphasised this – and it is difficult, 14 players have come in – to expect them to play like a team and to expect the chemistry to be right from day one is something we are going to have to try and fast forward and manipulate as quick as we can.

“Like I said, I have been impressed by the individuals but the team has struggled. There is no getting away from that. Getting a bit of resilience back into the team will be a priority.”