Maypole FC benefit from Ticket Incentive Scheme

We are a voluntary led club that needs to raise money where possible and Blues has given us the opportunity for which we are very grateful.

Jojo Lee

Local football team Maypole FC have maximised our Ticket Incentive Scheme. 

The community standard club, which has 19 teams from U7s to U16s, now regularly visit St. Andrew’s after joining the scheme at the end of last season. 

That decision has since proved extremely profitable as the club have not only introduced professional football to their 200 players but raised money as well. 

"The Ticket Incentive Scheme is a fantastic opportunity for the young players and their siblings to be able to watch professional football, which will hopefully spur them on to become pro footballers, said Maypole FC coach Stephen O'Toole.

“The scheme provides much needed funding for our community club as our players get discounted tickets that raise valuable funds for their own club,” added Maypole FC committee member Jojo Lee.

“We are a voluntary led club that needs to raise money where possible and Blues has given us the opportunity for which we are very grateful.”

Blues' Ticket Incentive Scheme allows local schools, charities, youth groups and sports teams to earn commission by selling special rate tickets (£10 adults, £5 13-18s, £3 Under-13s) for Blues matches at St. Andrew’s. 

For every ticket sold, each group will receive 50% commission to spend on whatever resources they need. What’s more, for every 100 tickets your organisation sells, you will receive a signed item to help with further fundraising.

So far, the Ticket Incentive Scheme has helped to raise thousands of pounds for schools and grassroots football clubs as well as help the Club build and strengthen relationships with a wide range of organisations within the community.

The club were originally invited to a match through Blues 4 All and have since then become regular fixtures in the terraces.

In addition, Maypole FC player Sat Seera was the away mascot at Blackburn last season as part of a Fans for Diversity Experience, whilst the U8s side have also been the Guard of Honour. 

"There is so much money available in the top game which doesn't always filter down fairly at a grassroots level,” concluded Blues 4 All Club Secretary Bik Singh.

“Schemes like this are a 'win win' as clubs are able to raise funds, whilst Blues are taking care of it's future fan base.”

For more details on the scheme, please click here