Reaction: Bristol City Under-18s 1 Blues Under-18s 2

There’s a bit of FA Youth Cup fever. It’s good for them to feel that and experience it.

Steve Spooner

Steve Spooner's thoughts following his side's progression to the FA Youth Cup Fourth Round.

Steve Spooner's assessment on Blues' performance at Ashton Gate...

"I’m obviously delighted with the victory in terms of development. I thought we were very in and out in the game, particularly second-half, and I didn’t think we passed the ball at times but I understand the reasons. I’ve just spoken to the players in there and I have to use this as part of their development and the fact they’re in a stadium under lights has an affect on them because they have no experience of that. For their development they’ve got to understand that if they come here with the First Team there’s 25k and the Manager wants you to get hold of the ball and pass it. I think the disappointing thing for me was I didn’t think we passed the ball as well as we can but I understand the reasons why. It’s a big occasion for them and once again we saw cramp, which always happens in the FA Youth Cup. I’m pleased with the result and pleased with the application at times as I thought we could have got closer in the second-half, but with that, we withstood the onslaught of pressure that came from them. We was just talking in there and I don’t think Adam (Siviter) had a save to make. There were shots that went down the side of the goal but I think we worked their ‘keeper and their ‘keeper stopped it from being a bigger scoreline." 

Steve Spooner on Blues' two excellent team goals...

"That has been us this season. I’m absolutely delighted because they’re passing patterns we work on in training, but we haven’t always been able to convert them. So it’s a really well done to the players for the fact that we got in the box with great movement and as you say we stayed patient. We knew when we had to quicken the play up and go for the jugular and I thought we did that, particular with the two goals."

Steve Spooner on using the experience of Ashton Gate...

"Against the better teams we’ve got to control the game better, but I don’t want to be too negative on the players because it’s a big thing for young players. I think if you haven’t been in youth development you don’t understand the enormity of the game for the players. There might not be an awful lot of people here but it’s the build-up and the fact that you guys (media) are here, so it gets to them and there’s a bit of FA Youth Cup fever. It’s good for them to feel that and experience it."