Reaction: Millwall 2 Blues 0

We didn’t get a proper foothold in the game today and I thought we were a little tentative in everything that we did in the first-half.

Steve Cotterill

Manager Steve Cotterill assesses Blues' performance at the Den.

Steve Cotterill on his post-match reaction...

"Disappointment really. We prepared all week and there hasn’t been any surprises out there on the pitch today.

"I think we layed the foundation, probably, with our first-half performance. I thought that was one where we were more disappointing.

"I know we’ve conceded the goals, but funnily enough we were better in the second-half than we were in the first.

"Our passing was better, we were crisper with it, won won a lot of the first contacts, headers, a lot of the second balls, where as we didn’t do that in the first-half.

"Like I’ve said we’ve worked on that this week, the players in there are disappointed, because there hasn’t been any surprises today from Millwall."

Steve Cotterill on the first-half performance...

"I can’t (explain it) because I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect that at all.

"I said at half-time, if we carry on in that same vein 100% we’ll get beat today, because one of us will make a mistake and they will score a goal.

"I didn’t expect it to be quite so early in the second-half. We’ve given away possession just inside our own half and they’ve skipped through a few half-hearted challenges really, which I didn’t see coming. We didn’t get that last week.

"And the second goal we’ve lost possession both times. We’ve turned over possession, they’ve countered us, so all in all the work we’ve done I wouldn’t do any different leading up and again next week if we were to play the same, because there’s been no surprises.

"We didn’t get a proper foothold in the game today and I thought we were a little tentative in everything that we did in the first-half.

"If you’re like that here, hostile environment, the way they play, you know they can hurt you with that.

"The first thing we needed to do was to stand up to that long ball, that diagonal straight aerial bombardment, backing it up, but we never won enough of those. You have to go through that fight for the right to play."

Steve Cotterill on Blues' away form...

"When you’re a different manager of the football club now the away form is mine anyway.

"I have to take responsibility for that anyway now. Relevant whether I was here or not I would take responsibility for it.

"I said before the game we can’t rely on one point in six now one point in seven. We can’t rely on that.

"Going home to St. Andrew’s and getting points, we can’t rely on that and we certainly can’t rely on our away form at the moment, because we’re not getting anything.

"So it’s time we toughen up away from home. We’ve got to do that, because at certain times in the Championship you’re going to come under pressure and we have to withstand that.

"I would say we’ve come under pressure today, withstood it, and had the ball twice and got countered twice. That’s something we need to look at."

Steve Cotterill on Blues' preparation ahead of the Second City derby...

"Nothing will change in regards of that.

"The training will be the same, we’ll still be tough and it’ll be hard work.

"We’ll be prepared when we go into Aston Villa and at the moment it’s hard to think about that really when you’re on the back of a defeat.

"I thought we’d prepared enough for not getting beat here."