Sam Gallagher says Blues remain positive

Sam Gallagher.

He is definitely bringing in organisation and also trying to get that creativity in the final third, which is also what we need.

Sam Gallagher

Loan striker Sam Gallagher believes Blues are being galvanised by Steve Cotterill.

And whilst results have not been to anyone's liking of late, he and the squad remain optimistic.

Gallagher was one of 14 new additions brought in during the summer window. In January there were seven players added for Gianfranco Zola's senior side.

And with Cotterill replacing Harry Redknapp out of necessity as manager only five games ago, such upheaval is understandably likely to have an affect.

The Southampton loanee certainly didn't expect results to have gone like they have thus far.

"I don’t think any club expects this sort of change this early on in a season. None of us were expecting it," he told, speaking in general terms.

“But I feel like we are all adapting as well as we can do. These things can take a bit of time, but we are moving in the right direction."

When a new manager is appointed "your whole schedule in the week changes, your training, or your way of playing," Gallagher said.

“It takes (new) players different times to adapt as well. I feel every week that goes past we are getting closer as a team and knowing each other better and better. And the same way the coaches are getting to know is better as well.”

That gelling process is not straight forward, given the circumstances.

“It’s the same in any working environment, let alone a changing room where you are all expected to play together.

“Yes, it’s hard when there are 14 new faces or whatever. Everyone is still finding their way, finding their feet at the Club and readjusting their lives, as well.

“It’s just a case of settling in and things getting easier as we move forward, which they will."

About Cotterill, Gallagher said the new boss has been concentrating on bringing everyone together.

“One of the main things he talks about is getting a good team spirit, getting everyone to work for one another and work for him in the way he would work for us.

“If we do those things right, then we will give ourselves a chance.”

Cotteril and his backroom staff have got Blues more organised and fitter. He is meticulous in his ways and Blues are not left wanting in regard preparation and planning.

“One thing you definitely need in this league," said Gallagher. "The games are so end to end, you need to defend for quite large periods of the game and then you might be attacking for large periods of the game.

“He is definitely bringing in organisation and also trying to get that creativity in the final third, which is also what we need.”

Gallagher was given his sixth start for Blues last time out at Barnsley. And it what was a difficult and pressurised match, he acquitted himself well.

He says he is enjoying his loan spell, despite Blues stuttering progress so far, and is positive.

“Yes, I am, and that’s one thing I don’t think we have lost - positivity - because we know we are a good team and we know what we are capable of. It’s just the fact of putting it on the pitch.

“We are looking to get that first real taste of success, build on it, and then I think it will be exciting from then on.”