Steve Cotterill calls for consistency

Blues boss Steve Cotterill
Blues boss Steve Cotterill.

We know how well we've done against those top teams, but we've got to make sure we maintain that.

Steve Co

Blues have a very good record against the Championship's top sides this season.

They defeated then leaders Cardiff City at St. Andrew's in Steve Cotterill's first match in charge.

Blues have also seen off Bristol City and drawn with the other three sides in the Play-Off positions.

On Monday, table-toppers Wolves visit St. Andrew's, where Blues have earned 88 per cent of their points this campaign.

So, despite the many observers seemingly handing the visitors the spoils now, it might not be so cut and dried.

"We know how well we've done against those top teams," said Cotterill. "But we've got to make sure we maintain that.

"There's no point in saying the record has been OK and not getting a win on Monday. We want to get a result on Monday, let’s make that absolutely clear.

"But that’s probably Birmingham City at the moment - the consistency that needs to be in this Club where people do things day in, day out, week in, week out, month in, month out. That it becomes a habit of doing the right thing here.

"And when we get in that we will all know where we will be going, we won’t get carried away with it when we do well and we won’t get too carried away with it when we get beat.

"This Club needs to be stronger from the bottom up and making sure we have got some really good, solid foundations here rather than being up and down, up and down, because that is no good for anybody.

"When you win you can be proud and pleased for your supporters but then you don’t get carried away with it and don’t become arrogant and think that success is due to you because that can happen - then you will end up getting beat and you can end up in that other spiral like the runaway train.

"Until you stop that runaway train you can’t ever turn it round and back in the right direction.

"We have got to make sure that we stop that slide that has been happening at the Football Club over a period of time, not just a few weeks or months.

"It’s slowly gone downhill a little bit and until we really get to the root of that and stop that problem, the Club won’t move forward. But we are getting there with it."