Steve Cotterill looks ahead to the January transfer window

Steve Cotterill.
Steve Cotterill.

We have got to make sure we have not got a gun held to our head in January. That isn’t something I will want to happen here.

Steve Cotterill

Steve Cotterill insists that if Blues are unable to recruit the players they want on a permanent basis in January, he will look to bolster his squad with loan players.

The Blues boss admits that the team's current league position may make it more difficult to attract the right calibre of player, but says that whatever happens he won't be 'held to ransom' by other clubs.

“It’s more difficult to get players to come to you when you are down in the lower reaches of the Championship, as opposed to if you are in the top six," said Cotterill.

“We have got to make sure we have not got a gun held to our head in January. That isn’t something I will want to happen here.

“We need to get the players we want to get and if we can’t get them don’t take others because then you will be saddled with a bigger squad - and then you will not want those players further on down the line.

“I think it’s important that we recruit the right ones, if we can’t get ones we want then what we have to do is look at loans to tide us over - and then have another look again when the waters are calmer in the summer."

“We won’t be held to ransom by anybody yet if there’s somebody we really want and we have to maybe push the boat out on him - and that is an opportunity that the Club want to take - then that’s what I would recommend," continued Cotterill.

“Until we get to that time we have got half a dozen more games before Christmas that we have got to focus on with the lads that we have got - with the spirit that they are building - and carry on picking up results along the way.

“The January window may open, everyone is a little bit tentative then all of a sudden it becomes a mad rush in the last week of January.

“Sometimes you have to hold your nerve a little bit because you might get the ones you want the back end of January that you won’t get in the first week of January.

“So, the more results we get in the meantime the better and then we are not making decisions under pressure. We all know decisions under pressure can back-fire.”

Cotterill has previously stated that he would be happy working with a slightly smaller squad and he accepts that some players may already be exploring other options.

“Probably what will happen is you will get players and agents who are already speaking to other clubs anyway because that happens. We all know it happens.

“There is no problem with it, that’s what happens in football, it’s a transitional sport. And I understand that.

“I would imagine somewhere along the line there will be some ins but there could well be some outs because I think the players who are perhaps not playing on a regular basis will need to look at that for their careers anyway.

“I am pretty open as regards that.”

With the backing of the Board, Blues were one of the biggest net spenders in the Championship during the last transfer window, but Cotterill says that value for money continues to be a crucial factor moving forwards

"We have to bear in mind and be very respectful to the owners is they have spent loads of money since they have come into this football club," he said.

“We have got to make sure what we spend is not just for now but for the future as well.

“They have been very, very generous since they came in and all credit to them.

"But also, there is Financial Fair Play that will need to be looked into as well.”