Steve Cotterill on the January transfer window

Steve Cotterill
Steve Cotterill.

If we can get some reinforcements in the areas that I've put forward, then I'll be delighted and I'm sure the lads will be as well. If we can get the additions I'd like then I think it would make us a lot better.

Steve Cotterill

The Blues boss says he and the Club are taking a 'strategic' view to moves in January.

And he is sure that should he be able to land particular targets identified, the squad will be all the stronger for it.

"I've had a few talks with the Board now," said Cotterill. "We're in good discussions and they know my thoughts and my ideas and where I want to strengthen the squad.

"So, we're looking forward to hopefully sorting a few things out in certain areas.

"Like I've said before you don't all of a sudden turn a season round in a short space of time. It's pretty disappointing for everybody at the Football Club over the last year, so you're not going to turn that around immediately.

"We're going to need at least a couple of windows to try and change that around, but do it in a strategic way, which is how I've broached my discussions with them really.

"They've been good. Now we'll just have to wait and see. If we can get some reinforcements in the areas that I've put forward, then I'll be delighted and I'm sure the lads will be as well. If we can get the additions I'd like, then I think it would make us a lot better."

Blues current position in the Championship is obviously not a great bargaining chip. But the lure of the Club will always remain so compared to elsewhere.

"I'm not saying we're going to get everything done in the first week, because there is still a lot of toing and froing and players having other clubs that are interested in them and you've got to try and sell the Football Club.

"To sell the Football Club is actually easy because it is a very big club and well supported.

"What players will look at this particular period in time is the position and we're all realistic with that.

"But it's about getting the deal done and getting them in front of you and selling the Club. If we get that far down the line I won't fail in that. I've given enough clubs good teams and I'll get a good team here as well."

Cotterill continued: "Signing the right type of player for this Football Club is really important and hopefully I'm barking up the right tree with the ones I'd like to bring in.

"I 'get' it, this Club, I know what the supporters want and need and what gets them off their feet and what they enjoy. The type of profile players I would like at our Club, I think our supporters will like.

“Our supporters want to see hard-working, players who run, who are committed. They will accept a loose pass, they will accept a missed chance – not too many, by the way - as long as the player does everything else.”

The strategy Cotterill talks about is for a longer-term vision, too.

But there might have to be loan additions, Cotterill admits, due to Blues current predicament.

“It’s not going to be an all guns blazing transfer window. I don’t think it’s going to be that. And it has got to be the right ones for the Football Club.

“And what I mean by that is if we can spend money on players it’s better to spend a bit more on younger ones who have got a re-sale value going forward and invariably those wages are cheaper than if you buy an older player, you get lumbered with big wages than longer than you would want them for. And you get that youthfulness, that hunger to do well.

“When I have spoken to the Board, there's a case of that we don’t just want players from this window to the end of the season, we want some for the start of next season as well. There's got to be a strategic approach.

“So, for me, it’s got to be what’s the right deal for the Football Club.

“You assess your squad and think about the areas you would like to address, you would like to strengthen. And then you have to weigh up what you can afford and who can we get.

“There may have to be a loan or two. We may have to wait – which is a bit unfortunate – to the back end of the window for players to want to come to us because they might have other situations. Not necessarily at better football clubs, but they might have better situations with league positions at this moment in time.

“So there’s a lot to consider in between a bucket load of games.

“But I am pre-prepared where I see us. I have had a long time to look at that and where we need to strengthen our squad."