Xuandong Ren - We're in it for the long haul

Steve Cotterill and Xuandong Ren.

We are considering this football club as a long, long term project

Xuandong Ren

The CEO and Director says that the owners have their heart set on returning Blues to the elite.

And the backing will continue to be there, for new Manager Steve Cotterill as it was for those before him.

Speaking at Cotterill's unveiling, Ren addressed a question about investment, first off with a tongue-in-cheek comment.

"We’re called Trillion Trophy Asia, I hope we’ve got a trillion pounds as well . . . but certainly we need to follow the (Financial Fair Play) rules of football in this country in every respect.

“We brought in the players, we didn’t bring them in for any manager; every single player was brought in for the Club and the fans.

“We invested heavily in the summer and in the future we will back Steve Cotterill in the coming window in January, next summer.

“If it takes more investment for us to get to the Premier League we will (invest).

“If it takes a longer period of time for us to get back in there we will (take longer)."

The owners have many and varied business interests. Ren used one of them for an analogy when questioned about their message to fans.

"Football in this country is huge and it also means a lot of things to us.

"We have a lot of businesses, like casinos. This is not a casino business, you go to a casino and you go back home with a bag of cash or an empty hand.

"We know football is something different. We feel for the fans like the result we had at Hull and we apologise for that result which is absolutely not acceptable.

"We went to the dressing room we said exactly the same thing to the players and Steve said something really nice in the dressing room'tonight when you brush your teeth, take a long look at yourself in the mirror. Think about the fans, your performance up there was a total disaster'.

"We feel that and taking over this football club - it is (soon) going to be one year in twenty days - this is the first time we are actually ready to offer stability to the Club."

Ren said that the motivation behind the ownership of Blues was not simply to make money.

"When it comes to business I’m sure this is not as profitable as the other businesses, not just here but in London as well.

"Which means we are considering this football club as a long, long term project.

"We are trying to buy the training ground – at the moment we lease it – we’re trying to buy it and build new facilities for the Academy and for the First Team.

"We are building up Academies overseas to recruit in more foreign players and have them coming over here."

Ren has experience in executive positions in football. His company Winning League Sports Technology bought Chinese side Nei Mongol Zhongyou Football Club and the firm is Luis Figo's official soccer schools partner in China.

A Director since the summer, he has now stepped more to the public fore after doing plenty of work behind the scenes away from the spotlight.

And he stressed that there is no mystery attached to him or others.

“We are Trillion Trophy Asia and I represent Trillion Trophy Asia. I am one of the Board and the Board of Directors are there (for all to see).

"There is no secrecy. I think they are a bit shy to come out and I have a thick skin – that’s why I am here."