Nothing imminent on transfers, but Cotterill remains hopeful

Steve Cotterill.
Steve Cotterill.

I probably haven’t spent too much time off my phone, other than out on the training ground.

Steve Cotterill

Steve Cotterill maintains that he still wants to make additions to his squad, but admits he is not overly-confident that he will be able to do so before the transfer window shuts next week.

The current window closes next Wednesday at 11pm and whilst Cotterill has allowed three senior players to leave St. Andrew's - Stephen Gleeson, David Cotterill and Emilio Nsue, he has yet to bring anyone in.

"I haven’t been told I have got to off-load anybody (before he brings anybody in)," said Cotterill.

"The off-loading will be the ones where we have needed to try and balance the squad out.

"What we have got to try and get to is a scenario where we can get a few in and we haven’t managed to get to that yet.

"We've found it difficult to get a little bit of clarity on things and how things are going to be moving forwards.

"There are still things at the Football Club that I'm getting used to.

"But in the meantime, the one thing you can’t do as the manager is lose track of the boys you've got at your disposal.

"And I've got a good group of lads that I enjoy working with, that are giving absolutely everything at this moment in time."

Although time is pressing, Cotterill says he will continue working right up until the 11th hour, should the right opportunity present itself.

"I would imagine I'll be working right up to the deadline," he continued.

"I probably haven’t spent too much time off my phone, other than out on the training ground.

"We have got another game next week, which is going to obviously take up my focus.

"We haven’t got enough points to waste games.

"We have to try and prepare next week and give our full attention to Sunderland; which I will do anyway.

"It won’t be that we won’t prepare just because there’s a transfer deadline the next day."