Reaction: Cardiff City 3 Blues 2

Garry Monk's reaction from the Cardiff City Stadium.

We’re disappointed to lose here, disappointed with the first two games in terms of the result, but in terms of what I’ve seen, have I seen enough? For sure.


Garry Monk's thoughts following Blues' defeat at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Garry Monk on the first-half disappointment...

"I understood coming in here, it’s been six days now working we these players, and I always knew these first two games, Middlesbrough and today, were two teams who are right up there in the league. There always going to be difficult opposition for us, but first-half the three situations we faced for their goals we’re of course disappointed with that. The second-goal’s offside, but we can talk about all the details, we’re disappointed with how we defended those three situations. They should have been defended much better than what they were."

Garry Monk on Blues' second-half response...

"I was very interested at half-time. We spoke with the players, tweaked a couple of things and I was very interested to see that second-half, because it was going to tell me what I’ve got. Going forward and what we’re capable of in terms of the games we’re going to face now on in. What I saw in the second-half were a lot of things that are positive and a lot of things we can use and galvanise ourselves to make sure we take them from the very start of games. We’re disappointed to lose here, disappointed with the first two games in terms of the result, but in terms of what I’ve seen, have I seen enough? For sure. The capabilities of the squad and the belief in the squad, the desire, the determination that I saw in that second-half to put the first-half right, I’ve seen enough to work with and make sure we work as hard as possible in the next coming weeks."

Garry Monk on next week...

"Of course you need time to work with players, but time’s not our friend. In terms of the first-half, it was even in the sense of the actual game, but the situations they created they took full advantage of and we didn’t defend them well enough. For sure we’re going to be working hard, committed and we’re going to make sure that the whole game is our focus right from this point."

Garry Monk on Michael Morrison's chance that would have made it 3-2...

"Those are things that you need to go for you. A little bit like Tuesday where we had those situations and they went against us in terms of their goal. Today, like you said, to come from adversity in the first-half and put ourselves in that position that should be a goal. Then you get 20 minutes and you’d probably fancy us to get something from the game."

Garry Monk was asked if he's confident that Blues can avoid the drop...

"Of course. Obviously analysing from the outside and having a look at them I thought they’re more than capable of doing it and now working with them, it’s only been six days, but certain situations that I saw in the second-half proves what I thought coming in. It’s not going to be easy, but the one thing we’re going to do for definite is work hard, be committed and make sure the capability we showed in the second-half is there every game. We’ll live and die by that promise everyone. The players will be ready and our focus is on the whole game and preparing that the best we can."

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