There's been a big improvement in our stats - Steve Cotterill

David Davis
David Davis in particular has impressed.

Some of David Davis' work in the last three games has been huge, off the scale.

Steve Cotterill

Steve Cotterill has revealed there has been a marked improvement in the amount of ground covered during matches by the Blues players since the start of the season.

That data also coincides with his side winning their last three matches and keeping clean sheets.

"The amount of running that we've done in the last three victories is telling," said Cotterill.

"When I look at some of our running stats earlier in the season there has been a big improvement in the distances we have covered, which is pleasing.

“It's important the lads can see them, and we put them up for them to look at.

"They all add up; including the recovery runs.

"Of course, it is easier to run back and put in those 70m sprints when you are winning 1-0.”

Jeremie Boga and David Davis in particular have excelled, with Cotterill describing some of Davis' stats as 'off the scale'.

"Some of David Davis' work in the last three games has been huge, off the scale," continued Cotterill.

"We all talk about Sam Gallagher because he has scored 3-4 goals - rightly so - but Sam would be the first to appreciate what Digga has done behind him.

"Also, some of the miles Jeremie Boga has put in. When I first saw him away at Hull before I took over, I thought there is no way he could do what he is doing now.

"There has been a massive improvement."