45 not out for superfan Rob

Now this is dedication. Rob Shannon has incredibly never missed a Blues game home and away in 45 years.

Since 1974, Rob has devoted his life to the boys in royal blue, travelling the length and breadth of the country and abroad.

There have been times when Rob, who is from Small Heath, where has come close to missing a game but he's never let anything get in the way of supporting Blues.

He has discharged himself hospital so he didn’t miss Swansea away, and family occasions have also gone out of the window too.

On Friday evening, the Club paid tribute to Rob’s unwavering support with a shirt signed by the first-team squad which was presented on the pitch by Blues legend Geoff Horsfield.

“What a lovely surprise, it was totally unexpected,” revealed Rob.

“I would discharge myself from hospital again if I had too. It was well worth when I did it because we beat Swansea 1-0.

“The Carling Cup win was the best day of my life. I’m a father of two children but that day at Wembley surpasses that and I’ve even told them that!”