Blues to maintain 'fundamentals' but also try to enhance attacking threat

Isaac Vassell during a shooting drill in Portugal
Isaac Vassell during a shooting drill in Portugal

Blues will look to build on their base foundations this season.

Under Pep Clotet, the team is set to play in a different way than previously. And Blues' formation won't be wedded to one particular format.

“We worked a lot last season on things that became core for us," said Clotet, providing supporters with an insight into the change of tack.  "Like trying to be solid, trying to establish good counter-attacks, having a good set-play system. We worked a lot on finishing. We cannot go away from any of that. They are our fundamentals.

“Obviously we have to keep growing and evolving these characteristics.

"I don’t believe in major changes in football or in life. Everything is gradual.

“In a football team it is always analysing what we do badly and trying to turn those weaknesses into strengths and try to correct mistakes to get better.

“I feel that the team and the players are into that mindset.

“We don’t go away from what we were, but we will look to add things, improve mistakes, and keep growing.

“That is basically what football is about. There are no big revolutions in football.

“It is about knowing where you are going, having a clear vision. We have the plan and we are working very hard on it."

Clotet added: "It is very important to have a mentality of correcting mistakes and improving and that being part of your plan, because when a game doesn't go the way you might want, you always have that (plan) to fall back upon.

"It is important to refer to your plan and try to keep moving forward.

“We had setbacks last season and we corrected our mistakes and eventually the team got better and better. That’s the same things we have to do now.

“We want to be a solid team and we want to create a lot of problems to the opposition. We know there is only one way: be more solid by correcting mistakes, be more threatening by correcting mistakes and improving offensively.”

In regard potential new recruits, there is a lot of work going on in the background, said Clotet.

"I know everybody at the Club is working very hard to strengthen the squad. It is an ongoing process and we are keen that we get the right type of players."