Juke on the verge of clocking up 400 milestone

Lukas Jutkiewicz
Lukas Jutkiewicz

For me it will be a pleasure to play him on Saturday to help him achieve that because it is deserved.

Pep Clotet

Lukas Jutkiewicz will make his 400th professional league appearance on Saturday if he plays against Cardiff City.

The popular striker made his league debut for Swindon Town as a substitute against Swansea City in a League One fixture back in April 2006.

And the 30-year-old's current boss Pep Clotet feels that Jutkiewicz's character, intelligence and adaptability as a player are key reasons reason behind the feat.

"Being able to play 400 games of professional football is a massive achievement," said Clotet.

"It just shows the resilience you must have as a player, the character to overcome difficulties, injuries, bad moments, bad results and still be doing it.

"He is still young to have played 400 games. That just shows the player he is."

Since joining Blues back in August 2016, Jutkiewicz has racked up 133 league appearances, scoring 34 goals, and for the majority of that time has been a mainstay of Blues' attack.

"He is critical for us because he creates a lot of space for us, he keeps the back line very far away from the midfield line, that allows us to use those spaces the best way we can," continued Clotet.

"He creates the space where we need, and I think his pressing ability is very good.

"He won a couple in the last two games which started with him pressing, winning the ball and having a shot.

"He helps us massively defensively and is a big part as well on set-plays, defensively and offensively. 

“He is an intelligent man and not only knows the game well, but knows how to help everyone else get better and is a positive character and major asset for us.

"For me it will be a pleasure to play him on Saturday to help him achieve that because it is deserved."