Pep - Colin and Pedersen give us the perfect balance

Maxime Colin and Kristian Pedersen.
Maxime Colin and Kristian Pedersen.

The fact that the full-backs are offensive is very important for us.

Pep Clotet

Pep Clotet has been speaking of the crucial role that full-backs Maxime Colin and Kristian Pedersen have played in Blues' attacking resurgence.

Over the past six games, Blues have had an average of 17.17 shots per game, compared with 8.75 in the opening eight games of the campaign.

And a key part of that has been the extra encouragement that the duo have been given to get forward by the Blues boss.

"The secret is making sure you have the right balance and I think we do have the right balance in the squad with Maxime and Kristian, and with Sedds and Wes the younger ones coming through," said Clotet.

"It's very important for me to let the full-backs attack in the right situation but not all the time.

"It's up to the player to decide when that situation is but it's important that the player has the freedom to express himself and to take that risk.

"Football is a game of risk versus reward and sometimes you need to take a risk to get a big reward.

"If two full-backs go up you're maybe taking too much risk.

"My job is to make sure that whatever tactically happens in a game, however we are attacking, we keep the right balance for that situation in case it's not successful.

"But at the end of the day I think the team is a little bit more mature tactically and the players have shown that there is a much higher degree of understanding between each other and how they play and how we are creating an identity.

"The fact that the full-backs are offensive is very important for us."