Reaction: Blues 0 Aston Villa 1

Garry Monk
Garry Monk

We gave them too much space for their goal and unfortunately, we were punished for that.

Garry Monk.

Garry Monk's comments following his side's defeat to Aston Villa...

On the performance of his players...
"We wanted to give the fans the win that they deserved. You can see how hard we tried and how committed we were to do that. In the first-half I felt we were on top and we had them in situations, but it was difficult to create massive chances for either team. We needed one to fall our way, but the margins didn't go for us. We gave them too much space for their goal and unfortunately, we were punished for that. We feel a draw would have been a fair result. A lick of paint and a decision here and there and a little bit more clinical finishing is what counts in these games. It feels quite painful now, but we have to dust ourselves down and pick ourselves up and be ready to go again on Wednesday."

On Craig Gardner's two late chances and Che Adams' shout for a penalty
"We had a couple of really good chances at the end and the penalty shout with Che. The way I look at it is, if that happens outside the box then the referee gives a foul. Today that was the difference, them taking their chance and ours going just the wrong side of the post. It’s those little margins you need to go for you. You could see it in us today we were so desperate to give the fans that win but unfortunately for us we weren’t able to do that."

On David Davis getting through 80 minutes...
"I think the adrenaline would have helped him in this game. It's going to take Davo quite a while to get to full fitness, but all these minutes count."

On the Jack Grealish incident...
"I didn’t see it happen and I haven’t seen it back, but I have been told and number one is to make sure Jack is alright, I am told he is fine. That’s the most important bit. I think I speak on behalf of everyone at Birmingham, not just Birmingham but pretty much everyone in football, that cannot happen on a football pitch. An idiotic act like that - the guy that has done it needs to be punished severely and given the ultimate punishment he can possibly get. Everyone would feel the same. The only other thing I would add to that is I have been here a year now and that one idiotic act does not represent what these fans are. I know they would agree, they will all feel the same in condemning that type of act on a football pitch."

Asked if the incident seemed to take the steam out of the game...
"I don’t know whether that did or didn’t. It was a competitive game, it was difficult conditions, quite scrappy at times. From a football perspective ourselves we feel gutted that we couldn’t (win). We feel unfortunate to have lost the game, we felt we did enough to warrant at least a point. We gave them too much space on their goal and got punished for it. The chances that we did have. That’s the difference sometimes, they need to go the other side of the post. It just didn’t fall our way - that margin today - we feel gutted about that."