Reaction: Manchester City 3 Blues 0

Manager Marta Tejedor reflects on Blues' 3-0 loss to Manchester City. 

"I think it was an unequal match in many ways. Manchester City performed at a much better level and, unfortunately, we did not play and compete at the level we expect. The performance and result is very disappointing for us.

"We trained well this week and expected it to be a close game, so it is disappointing for all of us. They controlled possession and we struggled to get a foothold in the game.

"It is also a question of timing. I think we were slow to react to situations. Manchester City are a very good team and they showed their quality, but we are a much better team than the scoreline suggests.

"Ultimately, we were expecting to impose our game and for the match to be much closer. We struggled to keep the ball and did not show our style and this is where we can improve. We play at a much higher level and we did not show our quality and identity today.

"In our last game, although we created opportunities, we lacked a cutting edge in the final third. Today, we did not create opportunities or score which is frustrating. We have not scored a goal in the league yet and this is something we need to change.

"We have two big games coming up against Leicester in the Conti Cup and Liverpool in the league and there is many areas we need to improve on. We will learn from this and improve for our next game. You have not seen the best of this team."