Robbo Rewards Woodthorpe School

The Ticket Incentive Scheme has been brilliant for us

Matt Trevor, Woodthorpe Junior & Infant School

Every little helps at Woodthorpe Junior & Infant School.

The Kings Heath school has been earning money through Blues’ Ticket Incentive Scheme to help fund transport for the school’s sporting fixtures and competitions.

Last week, Marc Roberts visited the school to say thanks for their membership and participation on the scheme. The Blues defender spent time with the children and took part in a football training session with the team.

“The Ticket Incentive Scheme has been brilliant for us,” said Matt Trevor, teacher at Woodthorpe.

“We’ve been part of it now for the last few years and recently we have been using the money to transport our sports teams to their fixtures and venues. It’s no easy feat in this day and age so the money has been invaluable. It’s allowed the school to enter more competitions which means more children are getting active.

“It’s been absolutely brilliant having Marc in school. We’ve had children from years three to five having a kick around with Marc and then they got the chance to speak to him afterwards.”  

The Ticket Incentive Scheme allows local schools, charities, youth groups and sports teams to earn commission by selling special rate tickets for Blues matches at St. Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium. For every ticket sold, each group receives 50% commission to spend on whatever resources they need.

The Ticket Incentive Scheme has helped to raise thousands of pounds for schools and grassroots football clubs as well as help the Club build and strengthen relationships with a wide range of organisations within the community.

To find out more about the Ticket Incentive Scheme please call Cameron Innes on 0121 202 5231 or email