Our Club, Our People: Thank You NHS

We’re all in this together. Keep Right On.

Paul Delves, Healthcare Assistant, QEHB

At this most challenging time for the country, we are proud to recognise the national heroes leading the fight against COVID-19.

The Blues family is full of NHS employees and volunteers who are going above and beyond.

We have caught up this week with some of the die-hard supporters who are playing their part in various incredible ways at and supporting local hospitals and NHS facilities across the Midlands.

In the coming days and weeks across our social media channels, we’d like to show their faces, share their stories and pay tribute to them for their incredible work.

Their profiles will also be added into a slideshow here day-by-day as we proudly showcase our squad of NHS Blues, so check back regularly.

The hours many are putting in are unparalleled. The commitment and work ethic on display are attributes that run deep through the DNA of our Club.

It is this grit and determination that has always been so welcome, so applauded on the field of play at St. Andrew’s. But these key workers are now the stars, the legends of our time.

To them all, on behalf of the players, management, Board and staff, we simply say:

Thank you.