Reaction: Barnsley 0 Blues 1

It is a very good win, a win is always welcome especially because it was a very difficult game to play.

Pep Clotet

Pep Clotet spoke to the media after Tuesday night's win over Barnsley at Oakwell.

Pep Clotet on the victory and performance...

"It is a very good win, a win is always welcome especially because it was a very difficult game to play, Barnsley were desperate for the points. We felt from the beginning for them it was a must win situation. The conditions were not the best for football, we knew that before, the pitch was not the best for football. I am very happy to see the team could adapt, we adjusted our plans to know we needed to be very good defensively, solid and have a good push towards the end of the game. We looked to keep a clean sheet and that's why we knew that whoever scored first would have a big chance to win the game – that’s why we stuck to the plan and we have been clinical on that chance. We took a lot of things into consideration in our way of playing because of the conditions in order to come on top. I felt the game would be decided in the boxes. So we played to a way of trying to minimise mistakes and maximising our chances."

Pep Clotet on the importance of the first goal and THAT assist from Jude Bellingham...

"It was a rare moment of quality in an otherwise scrappy game - a monument to Jude Belligham's endeavour and Scott Hogan’s finishing. First of all Jude’s mentality shows what we believe in the whole squad – never say ‘never’ to a ball we can win. That can make a difference because that can force a mistake from the opposition. And the finish was absolutely superb."

Pep Clotet on keeping the mentality the same...

"This team needs to stay on a game-by-game mentality and keep doing what we have been doing – on improving mistakes, on trying to put the best of ourselves on the pitch. We will stick to that mentality and to win every game. Possibly now on 43 points we are very close to what could be our first goal of the season - staying in the league. Now we keep the same mentality that took us here, we go game by game, tonight we put this game against Barnsley to bed and try to focus on being our best version possible against Brentford on Saturday and see what we get."

On Jeremie Bela coming off the bench...

"He was feeling a little tight in the hamstring, that's why I wanted to 'off load' him a bit, not push him too hard with that niggle. I didn't want to take any risk. With the conditions, the way it was, I made the choice not to start him."