Blues Picks payout reaches £17,000 for the season

This weekend’s clash with Barnsley will see Blues Picks reach a new milestone, as the total for prizes given away clears the £17,000 mark – all to Bluenoses playing the game for free.

The predictor app, where supporters select outcomes in the upcoming match, has given away 181 cash prizes since launching just 16 games ago, with at least five fans pocketing some money every game.

Currently, the average winnings sit at £93, with the top prize of £1,000 being scooped by one knowledgeable fan so far. The live leaderboard allows you to see how much you’ve won, or how far off you were from making the money positions.

As well as putting cash into your bank account, every entry into Blues Picks generates money for the Club, so whilst you’re picking your selections for free, you’re helping out the Blues too.

Keep your eyes peeled throughout the season for spot prizes also, where the Club will donate signed merchandise for a lucky Blues Picks player to win.

Playing Blues Picks is completely free-of-charge and you won’t be asked for bank details before making your all-important picks.

Download the app here and see if you can land a share of the winnings this week.