Street food to make St. Andrew’s debut

Street food to make St. Andrew’s debut

Blues will be working with a number of local street food traders for the rest of the season.

St. Andrew’s stadium will be offering Blues fans in every stand a chance to get their hands on some of the city’s best local food, as we welcome street food traders offering everything from curries to cookie dough.

Across the last six home games, at least one brand-new vendor will be in each stand of the ground, and rotating on a game-by-game basis allowing all fans to sample the new B9 additions.

Below is the list (A-Z) of ten traders who will be taking it in turns to supply Bluenoses with top-notch grub between now and May – make sure you keep an eye out for our upcoming announcements to find when each of the traders will be at the ground and whereabouts they will be:

Brum Mi – Specialists in Vietnamese cuisine, Brum Mi will be bringing their trademark chicken wings to St. Andrew’s. Residents at The Dark Horse in Moseley, fans can take their pick of traditional crispy, honey and soi, or Hanoi hot wings.

Cookie Mumsters – Catering for those with a sweet tooth, Cookie Mumsters specialises in deep fried cookie dough, providing dough balls coated in an array of toppings from caramel to Biscoff, served with ice cream. Catch Cookie Mumsters by our Family Stand soon.

Fat Snags – Purveyors of some of Birmingham’s best loved hot dogs for years now, Brummie residents will likely have had one of their Lashford sausages. There will be three ‘dogs coming to Blues – the classic ketchup and mustard, the BBQ Pit Boy and Pip’s Hot One.

Hangry Street – Proud Bluenose Hangry Street will be watching the games from a different angle from now on, as they bring chicken tikka and vegan flatbreads to the ground. Feel free to chat all things Blues with these chefs.

Kitsch Kitchen – Possibly one of the most Instagram-able traders in the city, Kitsch Kitchen has been catching the eye on social media for their deep filled tiger breads. Slow roasted pulled pork, sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce and crackling…

Phata Phat – Describing themselves as “Indian…ish” street food, Phata Phat will be fusing cuisines as Indian meets Canadian, with their butter chicken poutine, loaded keema fries and vegan cauliflower poutine arriving in B9. Keep your eyes out for where these are in the stadium for something totally unique.

Ranv’s Rasoi – Fans who visited our Christmas market on the Kop might remember Ranv and his mother. His “Ruby” is cooked live on-site, with tender chicken thighs marinated in homemade spices and served over masala chips or rice.

Samosa – Lifelong Bluenose and chair of Punjabi Blues, Sukh, has an extensive background in running vegetarian fast food restaurants. Samosa is his latest venture that he’ll be launching here at St. Andrew’s, serving veggie samosas, bhajis and more.

Smokey Joes – Following some great feedback after the Huddersfield game, Smokey Joes will now be a permanent resident in the Tilton/Kop corner for the rest of the season. Proper cheesy chips, hot dogs, burgers – there’s something for every taste.

Street Kitchen Brothers – There is a good chance you will have already tried Street Kitchen Brothers’ food – if you’ve ever had Gyros in Selfridges or at The Village in Moseley, it will have been from these guys. They will be bringing full Greek flavours to Small Heath three times between now and the end of the season.

Street food will be served pre-game and at half-time.

Please note, not all traders will be at the stadium every week.