Blues x Give Blood: Beverley Momenabadi

Blues x Give Blood: Beverley Momenabadi

As will be the case with all summer transfers, Blues marked the arrival of Tara Bourne in the Second City by raising awareness of Give Blood. 

The defender's arrival at the Club, on a season-long loan, was utilised to profile Beverley Momemabadi, a 31-year-old Councillor from Wolverhampton.  

Beverley’s blood donating journey began when a close friend was rushed into hospital, and as part of their treatment, received a life-saving blood transfusion.  

Such was the importance of the procedure; Beverley has since signed up to two local blood donation centres and has been regularly visiting for a number of years.  

Speaking to, Beverley explained how she went from not being involved at all with blood donation, to it becoming a regular part of her life.  

“My friend was rushed into hospital unexpectedly and I didn’t really know anything about giving blood or transfusions – I just wasn’t knowledgeable on the subject. But those donations were a lifeline to her and without them, she might not have been here today. So, it got me thinking about how I could probably do a little bit more to help, I always thought people who were fit and healthy had too much blood anyway! 

“I started looking into it, went on the website and downloaded the app and I would suggest everyone has a look – it is extremely easy. You can track where your blood goes, and it also reminds you of when your slot is too.” 

Another of Beverley’s aims, as part of her own blood donation journey, is to encourage more people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to come forward. Her reasoning matches up with what the NHS and Blood UK state, with fewer than 5% of blood donors who donated in the last 12 months being from BAME communities. 

That is significant because blood subtypes are important when someone has regular transfusions, as they need blood that matches their own as closely as possible. Quite regularly, nurses will match donors’ blood by race.  

“I think messaging is a big one when it comes to reaching out to diverse communities and actually explaining how easy the process is. We need to put that information across in an easy way.  

“A suggestion might be putting out information in different languages or reaching out to people of different faiths. Even debunking some myths around blood giving in certain cultures that may exist would be a positive.” 

In her early thirties, Beverley is also encouraging more younger people to explore the idea of giving blood, a demographic she says understandably do not sometimes even consider the process.  

“I completely get it! Younger people don’t have as many health issues, so blood donation perhaps isn’t something they have all thought about. But it is a really easy, quick way of being able to make a difference to someone’s life. 

“Young people tend to have less health issues. so they are definitely the sort of people I think the centres want to see more blood coming from!”  

Further information about Blues’ work in support of Give Blood can be found by clicking here.