Blues Chairman Wenqing Zhao issues an open communication to supporters

Blues Chairman Wenqing Zhao issues an open communication to supporters

Blues Chairman Wenqing Zhao issues an open communication to supporters:

Dear Blues supporters,

As I am writing to you for the first time, it is only correct that I begin with words of appreciation.

Since the day I was appointed Chairman of this Football Club, I have witnessed your passion, loyalty, and commitment to Birmingham City. I know you have suffered in recent times, and we have been through some difficult years together. Yet, your devotion to the team has never wavered and you have pulled us through the relegation battles and tough times. This bond between a supporter and their Club is a special relationship, and it is one I do not take for granted.

I want to reassure you all that I share the same hopes and ambitions as you do. I want to make this Club a success and finally return to the Premier League. This remains our aim, but we cannot do it without you.

In recent weeks, I have noticed a growing discontent amongst some of our supporters. We take responsibility for this. We have not issued sufficient communications to you, and this must change. It will change.

I trust in the expertise of our senior management staff to make sure that the daily operations of the Club are fulfilled. We have many talented and capable people, and I will continue to support and assist them in every way I can. However, I am also aware that the Club requires a strong leader to establish a working culture and uphold the highest standards. The process of identifying and recruiting the right person is ongoing.

I am also aware of last week’s meeting with supporters, and I have been assured that an honest and open conversation was had. I encourage further dialogue between the Club and our supporters. Please understand, this is not how we are accustomed to operating but now is the time for that to change. We must ensure that you are regularly updated, even if the task is not yet complete.

The repair work on our home, St. Andrew’s, should have been explained. Too much time passed without comment, and this was wrong. I know the details have now been described and everything is being done to complete the repairs as soon as possible. The Club will update you, with more regularity, in the weeks and months ahead.

The world economy is still recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are no different to any other business. We have suffered, like all football clubs, but it has also been reported, that we have no money. This is not true.

What is correct, is the necessity to be responsible with our spending. We must abide by the rules set by the English Football League and preserve the future of the Football Club whilst remaining competitive on the pitch. This is the big challenge for us all and we recognise a change of approach is required.

In time, I am confident that you will all see the new football strategy that the Club is implementing providing us with success. I ask you for your patience as it is going to take time for this to materialise. We hope you will trust this process and continue to support the team as we navigate this transition.

As Chairman, I remain fully committed to making Birmingham City a success. We have to learn from our experiences in the past and demonstrate our ambition, and we must communicate openly on matters of importance to you, the supporters.

Many of the questions asked recently have been concerning the ownership of the Club. I would like to be clear that ultimate control of the Club lies with our two majority shareholders, Mr Paul Suen and Mr Pech Vong.

Although Mr Suen and Mr Vong are not actively present at the Club, we want our supporters to be assured they want to see us succeed and support the Club in the mission to reach the Premier League.

The owners and I are also aware that you have questions about the sale of St. Andrew’s. I understand that this will have unsettled supporters, but I want to communicate to you that there is no need for concern. The long history of the stadium will continue with the current ownership.

The Club needed support for finances during COVID-19, and the sale of the stadium greatly helped us when we had no income. We agreed a long lease of 12 years, and the Club owners are close working contacts of the stadium owners.

When the lease comes to an end, Birmingham City will not be left without a home. St. Andrew’s is an important community asset and will remain the rightful home of this proud Club.

With more communication, openness, and continued support from the Club, it is my hope, that together, and only together, we can accomplish our goals and get this Club back to where it belongs.

Wenqing Zhao

Chairman, Birmingham City FC