Ticketing Guide

Ticketing Guide


Client Reference

A client reference number is your unique identity with Birmingham City Football Club and provides you with an accurate record on ticketing purchase history with the club. Your client reference number can be found on either your seasoncard/clubcard/or a match ticket. If you have never purchased a ticket from the club before then you will need to create an account. To do this please click on the 'Sign In' button on the top right corner of the Online Ticket Office. Next, click on the 'create account' button, you now need to complete all the fields marked with an asterix and click 'Complete Registration'. A client reference number will then be generated for you and a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Please ensure you keep this safe as you will need to quote this number for any ticketing bookings you may make.

Please click here to access the Online Ticket Office.

Your client reference number can be found on either your Seasoncard/Clubcard/or a match ticket however, if you have forgotten, or are simply unaware of your client reference number, please contact the Ticket Office on 0121 772 0101 (option 2) where they will be happy to help with your enquiry or booking.

As explained above, a client reference number is your unique identity with us, and should be used for any ticket purchase. Should Birmingham City Football Club progress in any cup/play-off competition then your client reference number will be solely used to ascertain ticketing priority in order for you to be successful in a ticket purchase. Because a client reference number may be used to assess individual booking history and the appropriate level of priority for tickets for high demand games, it is important than individual client reference numbers are given in circumstances where group ticket bookings are booked by one lead person. This will enable us to ensure the correct booking history is applied to the correct individual/client reference number, thus protecting an individual's booking history rather than the history being applied against the individual making the booking. You can also use your client reference number to log in to our Blues Online Store.


Ticketmaster are one of the country's leading ticketing providers for the sporting and entertainment industry servicing over 13 million tickets per year. Ticketmaster are our ticketing partner and provide the club with a very comprehensive ticketing booking system, which is also used by a number of other clubs in the Barclays Premier League and Sky Bet EFL. We utilise the Ticketmaster service for out of hours bookings and also in the event of high demand. Ticketmaster have the ability to sell any ticket for a Birmingham City fixture, home or away. During the season there are periods of very high ticket demand (FA Cup / Carling Cup / play-off fixtures) where the club rely on the Ticketmaster service more heavily. They have a ticketing call centre which can service over 200 calls at any one time and can therefore service high demand faster than at the the St. Andrew's Ticket Office which reduces call waiting times and helps provide a more efficient service for our customers.

There are no booking fees for any home fixture, but some fees may apply if purchasing an away ticket. The booking fees associated with ticket sales of home fixtures have now been absorbed by the club to enhance the buying experience and therefore there is no extra cost to the supporter using the Ticketmaster service. There is a postal charge of 60p which is the same as the Ticket Office.

Call charges to Ticketmaster are charged at 5p per minute local rate from a BT landline. Other operator charges may be incurred from your phone provider if calling from a mobile phone.

es, all supporters will need to quote their unique client reference number in order to purchase a ticket.

Booking History

For certain high profile fixtures a prior booking history policy may be required in order to successfully purchase a ticket. This ruling is usually implemented for fixtures whereby it is considered that there may be a higher risk of away fans sitting within the home section and aims to ensure that all persons seated in the home end are genuine Birmingham City supporters. It is a breach of our ground regulations for a visiting supporter to be seated within the home areas and which can lead to an ejection and in some cases, a banning order. Booking history may also be used from time to time to set priorities for purchase (i.e. high demand games). Your unique client reference number will be used to assess your booking history.

Purchasing a ticket, for a game where booking history is not applied, will register you on the system and allow you to purchase tickets in the future.

Ground Regulations

All 92 Football League clubs have ground regulations which all supporters must abide by when entering a stadium. For full details click here.

Ticket Information

Don’t forget that you can purchase and collect your tickets from three outlets around St. Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium on Matchdays.

These changes have been made to make it more convenient for fans to purchase or collect tickets regardless of where they are sitting in the stadium. Please note: Away tickets will only be available for collection on matchdays from the Kop Ticket Office on Cattell Road.

You can now buy and collect tickets from the following locations:

The Family Zone has a maximum ratio of two adults per one child. No tickets should be purchased in the Family Zone without a child ticket.

If a child is unable to make it to the fixture, adults by themselves will be refused entry. This also goes for unattended children, as children may only enter with an adult accompanying them.

In the event that a child is unable to attend the match and the required ratio is not met, you should contact the Ticket Office to relocate/upgrade your tickets.

For night games, the family stand ratio of two adults per one child does not apply.

You can contact the Ticket Office on 0121 772 0101 option 2 for ticketing then option 3 for enquiries.

All students should ensure they bring their student ID /NUS Cards with them to games, to present to stewards on the turnstiles. Failure to do so will lead to being rejected at the turnstile and being sent to the Ticket Office to pay for a ticket upgrade for that fixture.

Senior Concession ticket holders may be asked to show proof of age at the turnstile. Therefore, we advise all senior’s to have their ID with them on a matchday.